Our Story

Hi! We’re Carina and Ivo, creators of OneWayTickeTrip. We were born and raised in Portugal. We’re from near small villages, but during 20 years we didn’t know about each other’s existence. We met and fell in love in Porto while we were taking our degrees.
At this time, Ivo was being haunted by depression. Thank god Carina came and everything seems to make sense again.

Carina worked in the fashion industry and at the same time start sharing her passion for making trends in simple looks to wear daily, her travels and lifestyle on her Instagram account. Ivo was always passionate about entrepreneurship and travel-in-style, documenting the day-to-day episodes of his journey in his personal channels.

As our passion for travel grew, so did the amount of opportunities to bring our passions for Travel, Fashion, and Photography together into a collaborative Lifestyle project, in 2017 we said goodbye to our corporate jobs and set out to travel full time.

Currently based in Porto, Portugal, we travel the world and create content for Brands, Hotels & Resorts, and Experiences. We plan and perform our pieces of content during our trips to different destinations, photographing and filming us individually or as a couple. As we are constantly traveling we have the ability to offer diverse content and in various locations around the world.

Our mission is to inspire others to follow their own dreams, to make them into goals, to fight for them, and to turn them into reality.

Don’t let your dreams be just dreams!
– Carina and Ivo