So, what is OneWayTickeTrip, who are we and why did we start this? This is the result of an unconditional desire for discover different places and realities, escaping and free ourselves from routine.

We are a 🇵🇹 Portuguese couple that quit the 9-5 job to write the book of our lives. Yes, we know that it sounds a little bit clichê, but it’s the true. Right now we are traveling Southeast Asia, where it all began.

Our stuff features inspirational and creative content through photography, film and travel blogs. We only dream to see this world, not in vacations but with a purpose. Maybe we’re only dreamers, but, who cares?

OneWayTickeTrip was born in June 2017 by Ivo and Carina (Yeah, it’s us!). We grew up in a small village, but we moved to Porto to graduate. Carina in Geography, Ivo in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management. But, where does the passion for the creative industry comes from? We don’t really know, we just love to create and share it with our community, always trying to improve the quality of our content.

That guy with the big amount of hair, that’s me: Hi I’m Ivo!
I would describe myself as a photo and video enthusiast. I simply love produce engaging visual content. Since I was a kid, my adventurous side has manifested and the passion for travelling started growing faster and faster.

The girl with the curly hair? Hello, it’s me!
I’m Carina, passionate about find new places and documenting them through photography. I need to be constantly discovering and nothing makes me happier than being able to share it with others. My goal is to catch as much sunsets as I can around the world!