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These are the websites we recommend you use since we use it to book our travels.

Pick Category


Probably the most known tool to book hotels! From the cheapest hostels to the shiniest of 5-Star hotels, you can book it with Booking.com and their prices are often 25 percent cheaper than the price in the hotel.


One of the leading hotel sites for Asia. Agoda is our mainly way to find and book our stays, simply love it!


Airbnb is the best way to rent unique, local accommodations on any travel budget. Get 35€ off your first trip of 65€ or more.


Undoubtedly the best tool to compare prices of the most known booking websites! Great tool to get a proper vision of the fares.


We use Skyscanner to book almost all of our flights. Skyscanner combines all flight booking platforms to search for the cheapest available flights. The best way to use Skyscanner is to pick your departure and destination and then look for the cheapest flight in the whole month. This way you can fly on the cheapest possible date.


The best and simplest way to get tickets in South East Asia. We use this website essentially to book Bus, Van our Train trips. However you can also book flights!


Life saver! Uber changed the transportation industry and most of the time is the smarter way to move around. We use UBER almost in a daily basis. Even if we don’t book, it’s a great way to know the prices normally charged! So good.

Travel Gear

Drone DJI

DJI is known worldwide for its high performance and quality drones. We use DJI Mavic Pro and we are more than happy with the images and videos that the device has provided us. Totally recommend. If you want to level up your footage, do you a favor and buy a DJI drone.

Travel Insurance


Known around the world for being the best of the best in long-term travel insurance. World Nomads is our best pick. It might be a little expensive but they provide conditions that others don’t.

Travel Utilities

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is a reference in the travel world. Known by the their guides, they have a collection that you will not find in another place. Quality information is the key to describe these guides.